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Police Games

You’ll become a real police SWAT because thanks to this game eight levels of difficulty you’re going to put in eight different scenarios where you’ll have to cover when you shoot berthed to seize that are recharged ammunition to shoot them until his bar of life is over and done with all of them to the next level and release the civilians. Game where you’ll have to exercise good cop because in your city lately there is a lot of crime and in this game you have to go to the police car and fulfill all missions you go ordering where often’ll have to shoot dozens of thieves and terrorists who resist when leaving the house they have stolen or busy to go to the next mission more difficult.
Just you received an alert that one of the stations of Mumbai Metro has been an altercation as dozens of people have taken the station with guns and started shooting civilians and we need your help to bring order and refine the aim of bringing down the police to go to all the guys who are shooting.

Screenshot 2016-05-15 at 18.05.51 Police Games

Riot Police

You’re a riot police in the city of London and you just get an alert of a neighborhood where there…